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A warm hello to you and welcome to Reiki Pets.

My name is Belinda, and I am the founder and principal of Reiki Pets. I’m so glad you found me, because I know from experience the difference Reiki has made in my life, and in the lives of many others.

It could make a huge difference in your life, too, and in your beloved pet’s life, and I’d love this for you.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for 17 years, and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without it–Reiki has been that good for me.

So, how did I get here? Well, over the decades, as a qualified and experienced teacher, I’ve taught many things to many people. And I love animals—I’m a mum to many and I also support animal causes. What I do now is a perfect combination of both of these things—giving Reiki treatments to animals and their humans. And I love what I do.

A very important part of my life consists of meditation and a special interest in death and dying. There is no more significant time of transformation than the dying/death process. I’ve studied and trained seriously in the area of spiritual care for the dying, and am particularly gratified when I get to practice Reiki with a being (human or animal) who is near the end of this life.

I’m also a writer, and have published many articles in the health and wellbeing field for many Australian and overseas publications. I manage several websites including petlossjourney.com, petsrememberedforever.com and karmalifelove.com and Facebook communities including Cats Remembered Forever, Dogs Remembered Forever, Karma Life Love and Reiki Pets, where people just like you and me can go to share, grieve, and remember together.

I look forward to meeting you and your furbaby <3

Thank you all xx


What do we offer

Reiki For Pets

Reiki is a very gentle and non-invasive therapy, which makes it ideal for animals. If your pet is sick or injured, then Reiki can certainly help the healing process. And if your pet is dying, Reiki is perfect for making this important end-of-life transition a calm and peaceful one.

Why Reiki and Reiki Pets?

When choosing a Reiki therapist or teacher, it’s important to choose who is right for you.

Our aim is to make your Reiki experience a powerful yet simple one, by: 

  • Offering a mobile service— We come to you. You’ll have no hassles with driving or parking, no need to dress up or fuss. It’s all done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  • Being available 7 days a week—You can make appointments outside of the usual business hours. This offers flexibility to fit in with your busy life. 
  • Being approachable—You are welcome to contact me before and/or after the treatment to ask any questions or discuss any issues you have. After the treatment,  I will remain as a support for you and your pet.  


What areas do we service

We service the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas. 

How do I make a booking

We offer several ways to make a booking. Please visit here.

What others say about Reiki Pets

We have many happy Reiki clients, here’s a sample of what they say about us.


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