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Here’s what some of our Reiki clients have to say.

I knew Blackie [cat] didn’t have long to live. The vet had diagnosed late stage cancer, and all we could do was to make his last days comfortable. My wife and I could see that Blackie was in a bit of pain, even with the painkillers the vet gave us, so we decided to try something alternative. Belinda from Reiki Pets was absolutely wonderful. My wife, in particular, was really struggling emotionally with Blackie’s impeding death, and Belinda was able to really help her to stay calm and come to terms with it all, just through talking and some Reiki treatments. Belinda spent quite a bit of time with Blackie in the days prior to his death. And when he died, we had asked Belinda to do a special Transition Ceremony for him, and I’m so glad we did. It helped us to feel Blackie’s spirit was free and happy, and made the whole experience far more positive for me and my wife. I think it has strengthened our connection to Blackie’s spirit, as sometimes I can still feel him around me, and I just know that he is safe and happy, and hasn’t really ‘died’ at all. I am so grateful.” Jim
“I thought my world had ended when my beautiful baby cat Rascal got hit by a car. I did everything I could to help her recover—money was no object. Fortunately, she came away from that accident with a broken bone in her front left leg. The vet put her leg in a cast, and told me that the break would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. That’s when I decided to contact Reiki Pets. Belinda was wonderful, and Rascal seemed to love her, too. Belinda came to see Rascal three times a week, and by 3 ½ weeks, Rascal’s leg had fully healed. I’m really glad I opted for the ‘extra help’ from Reiki Pets. It makes me so happy to see Rascal running and jumping around the place again 🙂” Julie
I’m a pretty practical guy, and my wife convinced me to give Reiki a go. I had lots of reservations and hard questions, but at the end of the day I have to say I can really feel the energy run through me. I can’t deny what I feel. Thank you Karen (my wife) and Belinda.Peter
I was a bit nervous about it all—it was something I hadn’t heard of before, but I thought I’d try something new and so I gave it a go. I really liked Belinda’s really practical and down-to-earth, but very personal, approach. She was really able to put me at ease. Now I have to say that I LOVE Reiki—I use it all the time, on myself, my children, my pets. I think I just feel happier and better overall since I started doing Reiki. And Belinda’s support before, during and after my attunement has been invaluable. I would recommend this to anyone!Michelle
Since my husband had his stroke, I’ve been his full-time carer really. It has really taken a toll on me (I’m not a spring chicken myself!). A friend recommended Reiki with Belinda to me. I’ve learned to be pretty open-minded, so I checked it out and decided to do it. After all, anything that could help me stay well so that I could help my husband be well sounded good to me. And it was affordable—I’m on a pension so I couldn’t afford anything too expensive, or anything too difficult to learn or remember, for that matter. Reiki has made such a difference to me and my husband. I feel that I have more energy, I sleep better, I have more stamina and positivity, and my husband tells me he feels better when I give him Reiki. And of course, Belinda’s support throughout all of this has meant the world to me.Val
Hi Belinda, my first experience with Reiki was when you healed my wrists. Fifteen years ago I developed very painful and weak wrists for which i had cortisone injections. It was very painful and did not heal the problem. I was told that if the cortisone didn’t work that I’d have to have an operation. Then I had one healing session with you and the pain went away completely and I haven’t had a problem with them since. I didn’t need anything more to convince me that Reiki is a wonderful, painless and effective way of healing our bodies and you are truly a master at it. Since then, you have trained me to become a practitioner myself and I use the skill to keep myself and my family well. It is so empowering to be opened up to understand and receive this skill. There have been many occasions where I have helped to heal my family and friends of pain. It is a beautiful gift and I am eternally grateful. Thank you Belinda. Shell

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