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About the Reiki Symbols

When I was initiated into Reiki, I was instructed that the Reiki symbols must be kept secret, and my teachers went to great lengths to ensure this. However, not all Reiki Masters agree. Today, there is so much information readily available on the internet that it really is no longer possible to maintain secrecy. And not really necessary.

Of course, it is important to treat Reiki with respect and gratitude, and I certainly recommend you take this approach to using the Reiki energy and the symbols.

The Value of Reiki Symbols

The Reiki symbols by themselves have little power or value by themselves. Studies have shown that the symbols have little or no use before a Reiki initiation, even if the person using them has psychic/healing abilities.

These particular symbols, therefore, work specifically in conjunction with the Reiki Level 2 attunement; in other words, the Reiki symbols become powerful only when used by someone who has received the Reiki 2 initiation.

Think of the Reiki Symbols as Keys

You can think of the symbols as ‘keys’ which open the doors to the higher mind, to higher energetic dimensions. Or you can see them as a button—you push the button, you get the result.

The symbols override the user’s preconceived ideas, and operate on a much higher level than the ordinary mind. The symbols trigger a belief or intention built into the symbols that helps the user to get the results intended. The different symbols also quickly connect the user to the universal life force. 
When a Reiki Master does an attunement and shows the Reiki symbols to a student, the form of the symbol is impressed in the students mind and merges with the metaphysical energies it represents. When a Reiki practitioner draws, thinks about or visualizes a symbol it will instantly connect to the energies it represents.

So with that in mind, please let me explain the symbols to you…


cho-ku-reiThe Cho Ku Rei (Cho – koo- ray) is known as the “Power” symbol here in our Western Culture. In Usui Reiki Level 2 you are taught to use it when you need more healing energy focused in a certain area.

The Cho-ku-rei is the symbol for Universal Energy. It is our intent and will that determine how powerful this symbol is, and it can be used for many purposes – from healing, to making our desires become reality.

You can use the Cho-ku-rei when someone is experiencing pain during a treatment, your intent to heal the pain with the symbol will help greatly reduce it, or even diminish it. If no pain is apparent during your session, simple use it to help with the flow of energy that is flowing through you. Remember, Reiki will go wherever it is needed most.

You may also use the Cho-ku-rei to charge you food and water with pure energy, especially if you are out or travelling. When you understand that everything is energy, you will understand that food-born illnesses are a result of negative energy that remains in our food (whether it’s from the handler, or the animal itself when it died). The Cho-ku-rei will put positive energy back into your food and water, super-charging the vitamins and minerals for our bodies.

The Cho-ku-rei isn’t just limited to healing negative energy; you can also use it to manifest your desires. One method is to write your desire, or intention on a piece of paper. Fold the paper to fit inside of your hands, draw the Cho-ku-rei symbol over it, and begin to give it Reiki for 15 minutes or longer. Do this daily if you wish, putting your intention into it.

Imagine it happening, feel it as if it has already happened. When you begin to understand that the world around you is a vibration of energy, you will understand how your vibration affects the world outside of you.

Please remember that the Cho-ku-rei can only be used for the Highest Good of Ourselves and Others. If you use it to manipulate a situation for any negative reason, understand that it will have negative consequences.



sei-he-kiThe Sei Hei Ki, or Sei He Ki (Say Hey Key) is known as the mental/emotional symbol in Reiki. When used, it restores balance to both the mental and emotional parts of our psyche, as they both affect each other. There are several interpretations of what this symbol means, but all have a common factor, and that is harmony.

When used by a Reiki practitioner, it can help unite mind and body and bring our deep-rooted emotional problems to the surface. Often, out of necessity, we repress our painful memories because some part of us feels that it cannot deal with them. The Sei Hei Ki allows us to face these problems, to feel the appropriate emotions and then to let go of them, forgiving ourselves and others.

Mental illnesses, such as depression, can begin to eat away at our physical selves. Even though it is not something physical, we can see clearly that it has an effect on our entire well-being. We need to understand that our mental, emotion, physical and spiritual self are all connected, when one is not in balance, it effects all levels of our beingness.

The Sei hei ki balances the right and left side of the brain and restores balance, bringing peace and harmony. It can also be very helpful in relationships by going the source of the problem, allowing us to recognize that the problems we face are caused by no-one else but ourselves.

There are many ways a person can use the Sei hei key. Write down on a piece of paper the emotional or mental aspect you would like to have healed in your life, and fold it so it fits in between your hands. Then draw the Sei hei ki over it, following with a Cho-ku-rei, begin to give it Reiki for 15 minutes or longer if you choose. These symbols are a focal point for intent to travel towards – so your intent must be there.

Some more uses for the Sei hei ki:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Memory/Attention
  • Relationships
  • Finding lost items

There are many ways you can use the Se-hei ki to help you in your life. Please allow the symbols and Reiki to affect your life positively in all areas.


The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (hon-shaw-ze-show-nen) is known as the “Distance” symbol in Reiki. It’s most commonly used in distant healing sessions, but it is certainly not limited to this practice. Just as with the other symbols used in Usui Reiki, many people have their own interpretation of what it means.

I believe that this symbol represents Oneness, and when used in a healing session, has the power to unite the healer and the recipient at a subconscious level that can allow a deep healing to take place.

It has been said to symbolize the Sun, and although many of us may view the sun just as an object in the sky – we have to realize that the ancients worshipped it for a reason. The sun is a living and conscious being, and it flows its life essence through everything, giving all living creatures life. Without the sun, we would not survive.

This symbol, when used with Reiki transcends space and time. It is not restricted by our conscious belief about time. Use the Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen to send Reiki to a person on the other side of the world, or to another place in time. Past, present or future events can be healed and affected positively by the symbol. Heal an event in the past that you wish could have been different, and see how it effects your present moment.

Here are some other ways you can use the Distance Symbol:

  • Send healing energy to your children who are in a different area of the house
  • Send healing energy to your spouse while he’s at work
  • Send healing energy to yourself
  • Send healing energy to a piece of paper with a name or a picture on it
  • Send healing energy to a “proxy” of a person, using the Cho-ku-rei and Sei-hei-ki
  • Send healing energy to a building, or to a neighbourhood, or to the Earth!

The possibilities are limitless when using the Reiki symbols; the only limit is your beliefs. So why not change them?

About the Author

My name is Belinda, and I am the founder and principal of Reiki Pets. I’m so glad you found me, because I know from experience the difference Reiki has made in my life, and in the lives of many others. It could make a huge difference in your life, too, and in your beloved pet’s life, and I’d love this for you. I’ve been practicing Reiki for 17 years, and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without it–Reiki has been that good for me. I dedicate myself to the practice and teaching of Reiki, and commit myself to the wellbeing of those wonderful clients I work with. I’m also a writer, and have published many articles in the health and wellbeing field for many Australian and overseas publications. I manage several websites including, and and Facebook communities including Cats Remembered Forever, Dogs Remembered Forever, Karma Life Love and Reiki Pets, where people just like you and me can go to share, grieve, and remember together.

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